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onsdag den 29. februar 2012

3 Most Innovative Social Sites Right Now

A shortlist of the top three most useful, innovative and interesting social platforms today.
Aaron Aders

How to Drive (& Re-Target) Traffic to Your PPC Landing Pages [with Infographic]

A winning landing page does little to convert visitors if the page isn’t getting traffic. For immediate traffic results, many marketers turn to pay-per-click campaigns. There are four primary methods for driving traffic to your landing pages using PPC:

tirsdag den 28. februar 2012

Social Listening Done Right: Stride Gum Case Study

Many new marketers who leverage social media forget about one of the greatest benefits, social listening. There are many benefits to social listening


Why an Optimized Content Strategy is Crucial for Social & Search

Success in social media and organic search is only possible with an optimized content marketing strategy. If you don’t have the latter, you may as well forget about being remotely successful with the former.


mandag den 27. februar 2012

Networking Guide For Bloggers: Messages That Get Noticed

Communicating via text is a rather difficult thing. Words, sentences, and punctuation are the only tools you can use. You can’t raise a smile in the middle of a sentence, you can’t use your hand movements to emphasize a point, you can’t use any other kind of body language to aid you in conveying your message
By Karol K.

The Brutal Truth About Social Media: It's OK to Be a Little Antisocial

Here's Why Most Consumers Will Never 'Engage' With Brands or Content, and Why It Doesn't Matter

Is photo-sharing website Pinterest the next Facebook or Twitter?

Not a week goes by without a new website being proclaimed as 'the new Facebook' or 'the next Twitter', but photo-sharing network Pinterest could have genuine staying power - as long as some copyright concerns don't scupper its popularity. Metro wades through tonnes of images of knitwear and cupcakes to find out what it's all about.
By Ross McGuinness

PlusBlogging – How to Dominate your Market in Google+

In this post, I’ll  be detailing and dissecting some factors that can help boost your SEO, content marketing and social campaigns using your Google+ brand/profile page or by PlusBlogging (blogging on Google+).


9 Social Media Hacks I Use Every Day

Social media isn’t inexpensive, it’s just different expensive. To do it well requires a tremendous time commitment, and regardless of what your life and lifestyle entails, the time you spend on social comes with an opportunity cost price tag. Thus, one of the characteristics that sets adept practitioners of social media apart from less successful adherents is wise use of time.
post originally written for iMedia Connection

8 Steps to Guest Blogging Artistry for Free Links, Recognition & Exposure

Write for people, link for people. The idea ofoptimizing for people is one of the most important shifts in search marketing. Since Google’s Panda update took effect a year ago, guest blogging has become a key link building practice that is based on exchanging worthwhile content for improved rankings and many other perks!

Mobile Marketing With QR Codes and MS Tags

Consumer behaviors are changing, and mobile technologies are among the predominant influences affecting the shift.

6 Steps to a More Marketable LinkedIn Profile

Somewhere along the line you started treating it more like a resume. It's time to fix that.
Author: Jeff Haden

søndag den 26. februar 2012


Last month, in The Truth About Content, my main purpose was to pass along a few simple pieces of advice: That when it comes to marketing, content is not product; to start small and have a plan for growth; to treat it as seriously as a publisher does; and perhaps most importantly, to not let your ego get in the way.

lørdag den 25. februar 2012

Tips on Web Strategy

Bluewire Media has an annual web strategy prize for QUT students. The student who the won the prize in 2011 was Talia Yat and here she shares her tips on web strategy. If you’d like to get in touch with Talia, please feel free to do so!
By ,

Designing the Customer Experience

I've been doing more travel recently. And I can in all honesty say that there is plenty of room left for improving customer experience in the travel industry -- airlines, hotels, car services, even airports. Since there is no guaranteed security, we should stop pretending that if we treat people poorly, all will be well.
Author: Valeria Maltoni


3 Definitive Ways to Utilize Social Media for Business – the RIGHT Way!

Today I have a very sincere message for every business owner out there that is using social media to promote and market their business…
Stop having one night stands on your social media channels.

Author: Chris C. Ducker

fredag den 24. februar 2012

How to Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization

Now we're going back to basics! And nothing is more basically important to a site than properly written title tags. You know the ones that used to appear in the little blue bars in your browsers. Most modern browsers try to hide these, though that doesn't stop them being helpful!

Top 10 Best Practices of Social Media Experts on Twitter

Here are some of the best practices I’ve observed of folks who are so-called “experts” at using Twitter.

How To Change Your Twitter Username Handle And Rebrand Your Account

How To Change Your Twitter Handle (Username) Without Losing Any Followers



Video marketing is hot right now, and chances are you may have already tried to capitalize on that with some videos on YouTube. You may think you are done once you have uploaded your video, optimized it for searched, and shared it with your audience. But if you’re only checking your number of views from this point out, then you’re missing out on some important data – your video statistics.


Why Your Business MUST Go Social [INFOGRAPHIC]

with over 30 percent of the world’s population now online, the modern business simply cannot afford to ignore social media.


How to Write a Better Elevator Pitch

What you think is an elevator pitch will actually alienate customers. Instead, have a conversation that creates a real sales opportunity.

Five steps for using Google+ and content marketing to boost search and social visibility

Google+ marketing can boost social reach and search visibility. Here are some tips on sharing content on Google's social network.

Building Better Customer Experience - Visually


Pinterest marketing: Best practices to get your brand started

Eager to include Pinterest in your social media marketing mix? These tips and best practices will help you get started.

Four winning sports social media marketing campaigns you can learn from


torsdag den 23. februar 2012

Unwrapped: How to Use Read It Later with Your New iPhone or iPad

You can save stories, videos, recipes and images onto your new iPhone or iPad, and then come back to it anytime you want: on the couch, at your computer, or at bedtime

5 SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition


How to Get 40,000 Readers Without Guest Blogging


Smart Talk for Fast Times: 5 Rules

No one has time to listen to chit-chat. Use these tricks to get more out of less in conversations with busy executives.

How Inbound Marketing Works, From Start to Finish [INFOGRAPHIC]


onsdag den 22. februar 2012

A Brief History of Infographics and Data Visualization


Attracting Readers Via Website Header (Tips and Inspiration)


How To Use White Papers In Your Content Marketing Strategy


Using Photos to Drive Web Traffic


12 Tips for developing a Successful Twitter Campaign


6 Tips for Improving Twitter Link Click Through Rate


Facebook Timeline For Brands Due End Of February: Here’s How To Prepare


søndag den 5. februar 2012

Interesting video about storytelling


Professor Brian Sturm presents storytelling as a way of organizing information, conveying emotions, and building community. A model of storytelling as altered state of consciousness (the story trance) is presented that inlcudes 16 portals to altered states. Three stories are told to illustrate the theoretical model: Truth and Story; What happens when you really listen; and The stone cutter. Storytelling ethics and the need for trust and truth are discussed.