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onsdag den 28. marts 2012

5 Social Media Tips for Finding and Engaging Your Target Audience: New Research

Do you know where your customers and prospects spend time online?
Marketers have long relied on market research to determine where to spend their advertising dollars on television, radio and print advertisements.
In the last few years, research organizations have begun providing intelligence on how consumers behave on social networks.
The following article is based on new social media research studies.

mandag den 26. marts 2012

Knights, Pirates, Trees Flock to Facebook

Mascots and Other Embodiments of Corporations Make a Comeback in Order to Tweet and Interac BySUZANNE VRANICA


10 Steps to Learn More about Facebook marketing

With the latest predictions that the number of active Facebook users will reach 1 billion in 2012, some CEO and marketing managers may be wondering; why just jump in?
Brilliant post from Rune Haugestad - worth reading

torsdag den 15. marts 2012

Google Gives Search a Refresh

Google Inc. is giving its tried-and-true Web-search formula a makeover as it tries to fix the shortcomings of today's technology and maintain its dominant market share.By AMIR EFRATI

søndag den 11. marts 2012

torsdag den 8. marts 2012

4 Simple Ways to Loose Traffic and Build Your Business

Aside from the fact that you’re staring at this post’s headline with a healthy dose of WTF right about now, it’s 100% true. How often do you think about what you’d give up in order to get more?
 by Erika Napoletano

torsdag den 1. marts 2012

The New Facebook Page: All The Juicy Details

I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for the launch of the new Facebook Pages for a few weeks. This post is to list and explain each one of those changes, how they will affect the way you manage your Facebook Page and the new possibilities for customization, engaging and communicating better with your fanshttp://socialmouths.com/blog/2012/03/01/the-new-facebook-page/

7 Free or Low Cost Tools to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates

A great landing page can easily increase conversion rates between 100 and 300 percent. The process to getting a great landing page is deceptively simple and endlessly iterative: analyze, design, launch, test, repeat.
Marketers across the spectrum of experience face similar challenges. Seasoned marketers hit diminishing returns while novice testers struggle with where to start.These seven low cost or free tools will help you find fresh ideas for testing and make it easier to get those ideas into market more quickly.

Facebook Brand Timelines: 6 Big Changes Every Marketer Needs to Understand

Facebook announced to brand marketers the world over that, within the month, everything they knew about fan Pages on Facebook would be overturned. While you get your brand ready for the new Timeline format, here are six important changes to keep top-of-mind.